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Product | 3 min read | 16/07/2016

Talkin bout a revolution

API (application program interface) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. I know what you’re thinking - in English please.

Ok, so what happens if you connect all the gift card processors (SVS, PrePay Solutions, Givex, etc) and bring them into one unified platform?

A: In theory, you have access to every retailer’s digital gift card programme (if they have one and they should).

Well actually it’s more than that; you now have the capability to access content (stored value digital codes) on demand and in real time.

Why’s that so good? Because you can wave goodbye to spread sheets, time delays and dissatisfied customers, which I’m pleased to say was inevitable.

​But how do we get access to this new functionality? Surely that will be expensive…… Well, the good news is that’s Reward Cloud and better still it’s free to connect.

Here at Reward Cloud we have an open API that is free for retailers to utilise so there is no barrier to participation. We also offer a free connection to our platform for third parties who can distribute all available digital content.

We’ve taken this approach because we want to bring scale and efficiency to the digital gift card market and that is only achievable in an open market.

Sounds like a win win for everyone, well you be the judge: