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Product | 3 min read | 18/07/2016

The power of digital

“Power to the people”

What can you do with digital that you can’t do with physical?

Well, quite a lot it would seem. We’ve spoken about the customer experience when buying a digital gift card for self-purchase and how that needs to be instant. However, there are numerous other ways in which instant vouchers can be used:

  1. Customer services – an unhappy customer can now receive an instant voucher via email or SMS that can ease their frustration and free up the CS agent to deal with more customers.
  2. Insurance claims – claimants can now be sent to an online portal with digital credit available for them to spend.
  3. Loyalty – based on frequency and spend threshold.
  4. Cash back – based on specific products
  5. Reward – good work is recognized with an immediate reward.

This isn't an exhaustive list by any means but does illustrate why a retailer should have a digital gift card programme. Gift cards are not just for gifting! They’re an extremely important part of any retailer’s sales and marketing plan. One that we feel should feature higher within the priority list for board members especially as digital gift cards can be a very strong engagement tool for new and existing customers.