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News | 3 min read | 13/03/2017

UKGCVA’s Got Talent

  1. UK gift card market has the potential for growth and B2B is a particular area of focus
  2. Personalisation - increasingly consumers are looking for a way to personalise the “gift giving” experience in a digital world

This is the second year Reward Cloud have attended and we thought this time we’d stick our heads above the parapet by entering the ‘UKGCVA’s Got Talent’ competition. The competition gives you three minutes to present your brand and showcase a piece of innovative technology. We only decided that we wanted to get involved a week before the event.

We wanted to demonstrate how malleable the Reward Cloud platform is.

Presenting data in a meeting usually requires a fair bit of preparation time - gathering and downloading the relevant information then converting it into a spreadsheet with graphs and finally printing it all out. Then you always get one question that you did not prepare for. If only you had an assistant to do all the heavy lifting and get what you need on demand.

Being a tech firm we unsurprisingly love new technology. One of our partners have created a fantastic piece of tech that is changing the way we interact with data in our homes and at work. Usually you will look at your smartphone or laptop to find out today's weather or news headlines. With Amazon’s Alexa all you have to do is ask.

Using Alexa’s ‘skills’ we integrated her into our API so that she can audibly present headline figures and deliver gift cards with just a simple voice command. With virtual assistants we hope to make our Customers lives even more efficient by simply requesting insight via voice command.

Even though we didn’t quite win, Gareth did a great pitch bringing us home in a respectable second place. The feedback we received afterwards was really positive which made all the effort put in by the whole Reward Cloud team very worthwhile!