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Product | 4 min read | 17/03/2017

Flash sales with Reward Cloud

Promotions are a great way of increasing sales. You can create a bit of publicity, give a “limited time” reduction in price and watch the sales move in the right direction. You only need to look at Black Friday to see the kind of effect discounts can have on sales.

Obviously this has a cost, you are getting less per sale. This is the understood cost, you are giving away more to get more.

But what about the other costs? Well with our technology company hat on we are always thinking about systems and with any promotion you have to adjust your systems to cope. During the promotion you need to track its progress and once it is finished you need to report on the success and remember to change your systems back at the end of the promotion.

We love promotions at Reward Cloud but we don’t want to add technology costs to the equation. Our philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for our Customers to run as many and as frequently as they want, be it for seasonal holidays like Easter, Mother's day, Halloween, Christmas or those now regular sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Why Not Wednesday's (we may have made one of those up).

So this brings us to our latest Product offering, Flash Sales!

We have been working hard to add the functionality into our Reward Cloud platform to enable all kinds of promotions to be set up. These range from simple increased discount for a set period to more complicated offerings such as value based and tiered discount levels.

Setting a Flash Sale up with us is really easy and we require no changes to our Customers integration with us. Our platform automates the application of the rules of your sale for you and provides you the with visibility on the sales to allow our customers to monitor and report on the success which is crucial in running a campaign and learning for future ones.

Excited? We are! For more information please get in touch