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Product | 3 min read | 25/04/2017

Tip of the Week - Setting alerts

I feel like we live in a time where we expect things to happen instantly and anything slower than instant, can feel disappointing. Think about ordering a cab via Uber, or ordering food via Deliveroo, all done instantly and in the now. This is why we have made a platform where our Customers can call off gift cards at any time of the day and receive it instantly. We want things instantly, you want things instantly and we know your customers do too.

Having built this into the very core of our offering, the last thing we want to happen is for this instant flow to be stopped because our Partners have run out of Monies on Account for a specific Brand. This is why we have built alerting into the Reward Cloud platform to warn you when funds go below a set threshold decided by you.

We’ve gone a step further from set thresholds as we recognise sales volumes change at certain points in the year and Flash sales can really influence sales.

That's why we have built more intelligent alerting. We analyse transaction history to give an idea of when a Partner's funds with a Brand will run out. We allow Partners to set an alert using this analysis. So if you always want to have 7 days worth of funds, you can set an alert to warn you when your funds go below the value to cover you for 7 days.

Using our alerting system will greatly reduce the chances of running out of funds which means our Partners can keep delighting their customers with the gift cards that they want, instantly.

How do I set an alert?

Watch the below video for a guide on how to set your alerts:

Once you have set your alerts for a brand you will receive an email whenever you are running low on funds.

If you have any other questions about setting alerts then please get in touch