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Product | 4 min read | 17/05/2017

Bulk sales launch

I love celebrating events, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Donut Friday...

Companies like celebrating too! It could be a successful launch, completion of a project, or signing a large deal. Whatever the celebration a company will want to reward all those involved and that is why they choose a Rewards and Recognition partner to help them put together a package that suits them.

Gift cards are one personal and flexible such option but sometimes these orders are large and they won’t want to order those one at a time, because of the manual processes. Offering them the option to buy in bulk is the solution but that has its own challenges.

Reward and Recognition companies offer their customers a variety of brands to choose from but this adds complexity. To offer bulk ordering options for lots of Brands you need to follow each one's different process. Inevitably this will mean sending the requests in different formats. You also have to manage different payment arrangements and the receipt of those codes. That is a lot of chasing in a lot of different directions which only gets worse as you take on more orders:

  • Multiple formats for all your brands.
  • Multiple locations to order.
  • Multiple places to collect your codes.

Suddenly celebrating does not seem like so much fun.

At Reward Cloud HQ we have been thinking about this problem a lot.

We truly believe in making a product that will help improve our Customer’s business, automating as much as we can to help increase turnover. It is this philosophy that is behind our new Bulk Product functionality. We wanted to build a solution that gave our Partners:

  • One file format for all brands.
  • One location to order.
  • One place to access your codes.

Basically one central place to manage all your bulk ordering needs!

So that is what we did.

Bulk Buy is aimed at Partners who want to offer Bulk purchasing to Clients but don’t want the huge effort behind that offering. With minimal effort and fuss Partners can upload to Reward Cloud a simple file with their Client’s gift card needs for the Brand's that they require. We process that file and return you all the codes. We don’t like keeping you waiting either so in most cases you will get those codes back almost instantly. You can even use your existing payment relationships with the Brands that are already set up in the Reward Cloud platform.

I think that is cause for a celebration, maybe a Donut (I hope it is Friday)!

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