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Product | 5 min read | 18/06/2017

Best practice in email templates

At Reward Cloud we deliver digital gift cards, that’s our thing.

Since coming to the market we were surprised to find that many Brands that sell digital gift cards don’t have a branded email template to present their codes on. Even amongst those that do we find in most cases they are very basic.

Every brand that works with Reward Cloud gets their email template reviewed as part of the service. If they don’t have a template or it fails the review process then we design and build a bespoke template for them. We have two motivations in doing this. Firstly we want a great customer experience for all recipients of digital codes. Secondly we want to give confidence to Brands that when a digital gift card is delivered through our network they know exactly what their customers will receive and that it will work!

Designing a great template

We have a few guiding principles that we consider when reviewing and designing templates.

  1. Make it work on anything. We make our templates mobile responsive which means it changes dimensions to fit any device, we see over 62% of opens being on mobile. For some customers they prefer to present something tangible so we also make our templates print friendly.
  2. Consider the fold line. We want to present the most important information in the email at the top of the page. We don’t want customers to struggle to find their codes.
  3. Test, test and test some more. Email clients are tricky so and so’s. Your email template might look fantastic on one email client and then be completely broken on another. Our developers have a rigorous testing regime for all the templates we create to ensure they will work everywhere.
  4. Add a Call To Action. Any brand that offers online redemption, we make sure there is a button that takes you directly to their online shop. This simple addition makes the customer journey more convenient and increases conversion.
  5. Keep testing. Email clients update and I use the word ‘update’ loosely. With that update it might break every email that comes through. So we are always checking these clients and updating our templates accordingly.

Industry improvements

Some brands currently have a serious roadblock in their customer journey:

As a customer I purchase a digital gift card, I go to the store and pick out what I want to buy. I go to the till and present the code on my mobile only to find out that the Brands POS system doesn’t scan mobiles as the glass is too reflective. As a customer who has experienced this I can tell you that the experience is incredibly frustrating.

For customer retention and satisfaction make their journey as simple as possible!


We have unified the digital gift card market for brands with our email delivery system. Brands can rest easy that their one approved email template will be delivered via our API across our entire network. If they ever need to update their template then they only have to make the change with us and then it gets applied everywhere.

Introducing Reward Cloud’s, Wrappr Technology

We are also now also offering brands and partners a great piece of interactive kit to further the gifting experience with our Wrappr technology, read this blog post to find out more.