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Product | 4 min read | 11/07/2017

Reward Cloud Introduces Wrappr

Engaging, personalised, and interactive and built from the ground up in-house.

We’re now sending millions of emails a month, these emails happen to be gift cards. They work, they’re tested and they do the job just fine. But they’re not engaging, personal or interactive.

We have now gone about changing this. This is why we work hard to deliver new and innovative products so our customers can offer the best possible solutions to their customers.

Today I’d like to give a little sneak peek to one of the new products that we have been keeping under wraps At Reward Cloud.

We are building a new Product called Wrappr which will be available in the coming months at no extra cost to our paying customers!

Before I explain further, let me give a bit of background.

Rewards given in person are great as they naturally have that personal touch. However face to face is not always a practical option. Workforces today can be large and geographically spread. Seeing each of the team personally would be a mammoth task.

Digital gift cards can help overcome the geographic issue and are a great method for rewarding people generally. Often though the delivery of that gift card can be a little flat as it lacks the personal touch and the surprise and enjoyment of unwrapping a physical card.

This is where our Wrappr comes into play.

With our Wrappr technology we are building an experience that will transform digital gift code giving. Fully interactive and personalised, the recipient of the gift card will be taken on a engaging and exciting journey that they will love and remember.

Make rewarding truly personal!

Keep an eye on our Blog and social media channels for further updates.

In the meantime if you want to find out more please get in touch