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Development | 6 min read | 04/09/2017

Reward Cloud 2.0 - A seamless redesign

We’re not long away now, ‘for what’ I hear you say, well for the launch of Reward Cloud 2.0! Our newly designed Brand and Partner Hubs offer a seamless experience for retailers and partners. As you login to Reward Cloud for the first time to check your sales you’ll notice we’ve made some substantial changes to make things a lot easier and better.

This new look and feel has been created from a single set of guidelines with one design in mind so that there is consistency throughout our dashboard and supporting apps.

We’ve tried to simplify everything, making it cleaner and easier to go about running your reports or adding monies to account.

So what’s new? Here’s the lowdown:


Our old dashboards had mobile in mind, but they weren’t built from the ground up. These new hubs are! They’re fully mobile responsive which makes it ultra easy for you to get the reports you need, quickly and on the go.

Tool & Tour Tips

The changes we are introducing are valuable and will improve the experience for all our users. However we do recognise that changing the workflows of our our customers can be disruptive. To ease people into the new Hubs we have introduced two tools to help you get going quickly.

Firstly we have introduced a “Tour” feature which will guide you through the features of the page you are on. These will appear automatically the first time you view a page but you can replay them again at any time in the future.

Secondly we have added “Tool tips” throughout the system to help explain what the system is showing you.

Multi Brand

We’ve made some very big improvements for both brands and partners here.

For businesses that have one or more brands sitting under their holding company, or an agency that manage multiple brands, you’ll see everything presented to you in one interface. You can skip from one brand to the other or see everything under a master view.

For partners, you’ll see the master company and all the brands that company holds. That company will be treated as a single brand when it comes to financial relationships. This means that if that master company operates a monies on account model, you’ll only need to add monies to the master company, not each and every sub brand. We’ve also automatically merged your monies too, making it a seamless transition.

We haven't stopped there though, there are a whole host of other changes and tweaks to make everything easier for you to get on with running your gift card program. What hasn’t changed is that our Hubs continue to show your data in real-time and give you complete control and transparency.

Most importantly if you have any questions or would like a demo of the new system please get in touch.