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News | 5 min read | 07/06/2018

Reward Cloud’s Tree Top Adventure Day

We decided given the team has grown so much since we started Reward Cloud to take everyone out for an adventure. Every month we generally go out as a team for lunch and take a half day. Myself and the team love it as we get to eat a ton of food and take a step back from the business to relax and enjoy each others company.

A little off topic, but a major point in our recruitment process, naturally we review CVs and interview just like any other company. Gareth and I always ask ourselves would we go for a drink with this person, are they easy to get on with and would we want to spend our own time with this person for a sustained period.

I say this because I genuinely love hanging out with our team, each and everyone of them. All of them are hard working nice people that are passionate about creating cool products for our customers. We’ve interviewed a lot of people and don’t just settle on someone because we’re desperate to fill a position. It’s hard to find good people but we’ve been lucky to date.

As some people already know I served in the Army, and the Army are quite big on team building, because if a unit doesn’t work well together, people can get hurt and sometimes worse. It’s important because you entrust your life to your peers, so it’s key to have a unit that gels. So when building a team in civi street, I know no one will get hurt when entering code incorrectly or being rude on the phone to a customer, but broadly speaking, the effects of people not working well cause bad things to happen and makes everyone feel down. Team members that don’t gel, make the overall mission harder, friction happens, work takes longer, and things don’t seamlessly just happen. I’m proud of our team, things happen fast, we make decisions and everyone cracks on, its great to see.

Having days out as a team are important and it’s something we’re doing every quarter or so. We put a vote out on some activities and the majority chose Go Ape this time round. We met at 10am and the Go Ape course took us all about 3 and half hours to complete. With some of us not that keen on heights everyone completed the course, and I personally take my hat off to the team members for doing so, it’s high! I’ve jumped out of many planes before and I was surprised that you get on with the course without any supervision, you’re left on your own, which is pretty cool but nerve racking at the same time!

After scaling the trees, jumping off platforms, crossing wires, and zip wiring from treetops to the ground plus god knows what else, we were ready for a big lunch which saw us have a team indian at a nearby pub.

It made me realise that going out for lunches and general updates when going for drinks with the team, just isn’t enough. Going out and completing Go Ape made me rethink how important team building days really are and here’s my seven personal reasons why:

  1. Fun! Sometimes overlooked but coming to work should be fun. These sorts of events reinforce fun and what can be achieved when it's involved.
  2. Teamwork! Learning how to work as a team is really important and getting out doing this sort of activity will make everyone realise this. I also think it helps teams learn to work together knowing what people's strengths and weaknesses are.
  3. Communication! We hear this a lot, but as a business grows it becomes very hard to keep up good communication, it’s absolutely vital for a team to work efficiently. Team building helps oil the wheels for breaking down barriers and improving both verbal and non-verbal forms of comms.
  4. Confidence! Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is an important part of developing yourself as a person, doing this in a non-threatening situation will help you and others build on their confidence. Remember having to do any task at work requires confidence, getting better at it will improve work and results.
  5. Morale! Building a team that is passionate and enthusiastic is important and events/days-out like this aid to enfusing positivity into the team.
  6. Trust! Learning about yours and your team members abilities, fears, weaknesses and strengths is key to improving but also building a better relationship with your peers.
  7. Respect! Having respect for the other team members and the company translate through a number of different ways, but communication and knowing the mission plus the vision are key. Delivered in a relaxed environment, respect shines through.