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Product | 5 min read | 15/06/2018


We love digital gift cards and they have many advantages over physical. You don't have to leave the house to buy one, they're activated instantly and they're also environmentally friendly. However, physical gift cards currently win out when it comes to the actual gifting side of things. The recipient gets the experience and delight of actually opening the gift, whereas in digital you just get a code pop up in your emails.

Well at Reward Cloud we recognised this issue and decided to do something about it.

As some of you may have gathered from our Easter surprise, our Wrappr feature was getting very very close for launch.

Since then we have worked really hard with our retail Partners to get great quality digital assets so the delivery to the end recipient is as good as it can be.

So now we are really excited to announce that Wrappr is ready for the world!

But wait what is Wrappr?

Digital codes are incredibly convenient and flexible which is why we all love them. However sending digital gift codes today either for a Reward or a Gift is a very flat experience and can seem less personal/thoughtful.

Wrappr is a new delivery service for digital gift cards with an interactive gifting journey built into it. Each code is “wrapped” in a branded envelope and the recipient can now virtually unwrap their gift card on their mobile device or computer and enjoy a personalised message at the end.

Wrappr makes these convenient gifts/rewards personal and turns them into something much more thoughtful.

We believe that the end recipient will love it. Research from the UKGCVA showed that of those they surveyed, 63% were interested in personalising with video, photos and bespoke packaging. There is definitely an appetite for Wrappr amongst those sending gifts/rewards

So surprise and delight your users with a best in class service!

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how to enable Wrappr for your program