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News | 4 min read | 09/08/2018

Reward Cloud Fantasy Football Draft 2018/19

At Reward Cloud we love to play, we often do team away days and every month we go out for a team meal. But for our day to day fun we have an office Fantasy Football Draft League. I must admit, for some of the staff the Fantasy Football is perhaps forced fun as I am rather relentless at getting people to sign up…

What is Draft?

.blog-post-quote {}I’m sure you have heard of Fantasy Football but perhaps not Draft Fantasy Football. We believe it is more challenging and also a fairer game. In normal Fantasy Football you often find that everyone in the league ends up with the same squad which sucks the suspense right out of it. In Draft it’s more realistic to the real world, only one manager can own a specific player. So if I were lucky enough to get Harry Kane, nobody else in the league would be able to have him, unless I dropped him from my team (as if I’d do that!).

Draft day

For me the most exciting day of the year isn’t Christmas or my Birthday it’s Draft day! Everyone in the company gathers in the same room with their laptops at the ready fixated on the countdown minutes before the draft begins. The next half an hour involves much laughter interspersed with a plethora of profanity as people celebrate their star picks and bemoan their bottom of the barrel selections. As I mentioned before, not everyone who plays is a football fan so watching them make bewildering picks is also hilarious. I asked Martyn after he chose Oxlade Chamberlain whether he knew that he was out for the entire season, cue more profanities.

It begins

Tomorrow the Premier League commences and in the coming weeks we will see which teams look like title contenders and who look ripe for the wooden spoon. With 14 managers in the draft this year we have had to be creative with our picks. Some managers perhaps had a luckier draw than others with the snake ladder but we all know star players can’t be relied on for a whole season. So the wilier managers will be keeping an eye on the form table, who should they drop and who should they pick up?! Last season I made 64 transfers which was the second highest in the league. My mistrust in believing a player will come good paid off as I won the league by over 70 points in the end (please stop applauding).

Before the draft began this year the Reward Cloud team presented me the with RC FFD trophy, it’s got my name inscribed on it! Let’s hope I can retain it for another year, although I am not that confident! Below is a screenshot of my team. Jota is a big unknown but has been tipped to do great things this season. Lamela, Sturridge, Laporte and Locadia are not guaranteed starters. In Aubameyang I trust!

One’s to watch

Looking at everybody’s teams, on paper I think these are the top three teams that are going to do well this season. Jack Chapmans - Football People, Gareth Gillatts - ACaLittleSillhouetteofMilan and Joe Barbers - Loftus-Cheeky Nando’s. If I could swap with anyone I’d take Joe’s team!

But why?

I started the Fantasy Football league as a bit of fun presuming everyone would lose interest by week three, but it has snowballed into a mainstay of water cooler chat. Even the haters can’t help but get involved with FFD, I think they enjoy hating on it whilst secretly hoping they do well.

What app would you recommend?

In America, American Fantasy Football Draft (not the real kind of football) is huge and has been going on for years. They even have a TV sitcom about it. They have an abundance of competing apps that offer really intricate options.

Over here it’s only been going a couple of years. Last year we used the official Premier League version. It’s pretty good but was buggy at times and currently only has a web app. This year we have gone for Draft Fantasy which looks much nicer and has an app but I have found the UI confusing in places. So in summary neither are brilliant but I can see their usage growing so hopefully they will improve year on year.