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Grow your gift card programme

Thanks to our large B2B partner network- the most extensive in the market, working with us means opening up multiple new distribution channels for your brand. Our partners recognise the value of gift cards and spend millions on them each month. And because everything we do is transparent, you stay in complete control of where your inventory is sold.


Huge reach

We have a reach of over 25 million people. From reward and incentive agencies through to employee benefits programmes and brand marketing specialists, we work with them all.

New channels

This industry is always evolving- and so are we. We've pioneered cash out and cryptocurrency channels for numerous businesses, and we're continually opening up innovative new revenue streams and opportunities within the gift card industry.

Big spenders

The average load on a gift card in the UK is just over £26. Through our network the average load is just over £66- that's an increase of 130%.

Stay in control

Our retail partners can manage their programme with total ease using our web app. So you can view sales in real time, download reports and manage distribution partners, instantly.


Manage Partners

Our network is completely transparent, meaning you'll always know who our distribution partners are, and have complete control regarding which sales channels you want to work in.

View sales

You can view all of your digital and physical gift card sales in one place and in real time, and download reports in seconds.


Sell in the US and Europe, as well as the UK? No problem. With Reward Cloud you can easily switch between all of your programmes within the same account.

Manage your money

Keep track of incoming funds and approve funds quickly and easily, all via your Hub. And be assured that everything is recorded for instant access reporting.

Rich in features

At Reward Cloud we are constantly innovating. We listen to our customers and build products they find useful, from instant delivery through to interactive gifting.

What our customers say

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