Improve your outreach in the B2B marketplace by becoming integrated into our API. We are plugged into many B2B distrubtion partners who are keen to promote and sell your digital gift cards. By becoming part of Reward Cloud you will have real insight into your distribution channels.

Digital network

Becoming Reward Cloud enabled will open up multiple distribution channels instantly. We’ve work tirelessly to connect a number of large organisations who actively promote and sell your digital gift cards.

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New sales and marketing channels

We’re constantly opening up new and innovative revenue channels to help you drive sales. Being able to offer open value codes allows you to capitalise on new opportunities.

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Benefits of Reward Cloud

Increased sales

We’ll optimise existing channels as well as opening up new opportunities for you as a Reward Cloud enabled brand.

Brand consistency

One API for all our partners - giving you the comfort that all email templates, redemption info, artwork, etc are consistently presented across the network.


No more spreadsheets, manual loading, delays or angry customers just let our technology do the work.

Insight and learnings

Track your sales data as well as better understand your customers. Our proprietary data analytics package lets you make informed decisions about your programme.

Partner management

Manage all your partners through a single interface complete with a fully integrated accounting software package. Download reports, set credit limits, manage monies on account plus invoice management.

Benefits of Reward Cloud

BI / Analytics

Market leading insights based on actual transactional data.

Powerful reporting tools available on any device demonstrate exactly how well your campaigns and promotions are performing.

Our proprietary software helps you unlock data trends to better engage with your audience.

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Flash sales

We have extensive experience in sourcing exclusive deals to drive engagement and sales.

Strategically using time sensitive promotions will drive awareness and often an uplift in sales. Campaign management and real-time updates keep you in control at all times.


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