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All of our features have been created to help further improve your gift card programme.


One simple interface where you can do it all; view sales, manage partners, download reports, add funds or approve payments. And because our platform works on any device you can always check in, even on the go.


Need to report your quarterly sales? Easy. Simply set your date range, with the option to apply any additional filters you want, and download in seconds.

Single API

We've done the hard work pulling countless APIs in to one, easy to use RestFUL API. Simple and secure, it's one of the reasons we power more partners than any one else.

Multi currency

Does your business trade internationally? That’s no problem for us. You can manage all of your different currencies within one account.

Bulk buy

Buying large quantities of gift cards for an event or promotion just got hassle-free. Simply upload a spreadsheet with the denominations and quantities and let us do the rest, instantly.


Make receiving a digital gift card that bit more special with Wrappr, allowing customers to send interactive and personalised digital gift cards for a truly unique gifting experience.

Flash sales

Activating a range of different promotions is made quick and easy using the Hub, and all fully automated and reported.


Here at Reward Cloud we take security very seriously, and providing a service which is safe, secure and reliable is our utmost priority. That's why we do everything possible to ensure the integrity of your data, adhere to all security guidelines and prevent any unauthorised use of our services. These stringent measures include running regular internal security scans, monthly third party infrastructure and web application tests and crucially, a regular 10-day penetration test performed by CREST-approved specialists.

Physical cards

We're not all about digital. We recognise plastic still plays an important role in B2B and so it remains an integral part of what we do. But by using our technology we've automated the process of topping up cards and activating them- making it much more secure, and providing a superior customer experience.

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