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Insurance & customer care

Dealing with a dissatisfied customer or perhaps you are settling a claim? Why not try to alleviate the issue with instant voucher rewards.

Reward with instant vouchers

Reward customers with our instant vouchers. Choose from top brands to reward them.

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Real time delivery

Once a customer has purchased an instant voucher they get it sent directly to their email straight away. No more waiting 1-2 days to receive instant vouchers.

real time delivery

Management hub

Send reward codes to an individual employee or to a whole team. With our easy to use management hub you have complete control of your reward system.

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Integration methods

Reward Cloud offers varying levels of portal integration allowing for flexibility depending on you and your business. Whether it’s a iframe nested in your portal, a white-labelled sub-domain hosted by Reward Cloud or developer integration with your portal via our RESTful API, Reward Cloud has your business covered from every angle.


BI / Analytics

Previously, knowing the deep data of your gift card sales was very limited and laborious. Our BI platform gives you the big picture at a glance but also lets you drill down into the fine detail, very easily. Reward Cloud’s BI suite has been designed with the user in mind, it’s user interface is intuitive and helpful.

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BI / Analytics

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